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The crucial role of soft skills in the selection of candidates for staffing & recruiting companies

In the business world, specialization is, frequently, the key to success. Therefore, for some time now, organizations have been outsourcing certain functions and leaving them in the hands of true specialists. 

So that these management tasks, which are necessary but are not directly linked to the profitability of the business, are carried out by an independent team focused on a single task. This is what has caused staffing and recruiting have become so popular.

His work focuses on personnel selection. Providing companies with candidates that perfectly fit their needs.

So organizations can dispense with their Human Resources department or, at least, free it from the task of personnel selection, which is complex and time-consuming.

The staffing and recruiting company is specialized in finding the best candidates for other companies. But, at the same time, it must ensure that you have the best-trained personnel on your staff to handle the recruitment task.

The personnel selection task requires that those who carry it out 

They have a good range of soft skills. Therefore, when staffing companies are looking for personnel for themselves, they must carefully evaluate this type of capabilities among the candidates.

Table of Contents

The soft skills of recruiters

Personnel selection specialists must possess a series of soft skills that are key to being able to carry out their work effectively and efficiently. 

A recruiter with good soft skills is better able to identify good candidates quickly. Additionally, it establishes strong relationships with applicants, thus helping improve their experience throughout the selection process.

The following are the essential soft skills for a recruiting specialist. They are what staffing and recruiting companies should look for when selecting new employees for their own staff.

Effective communication

In a selection process, the specialist's interaction with managers, colleagues and candidates is common. Hence the importance of carrying it out in the best possible way.

This skill allows the selection specialist be aware of the needs and expectations of the company for which you must look for a good candidate. The better the recruiter's communication skills, the easier they will be able to determine which skills and characteristics are a priority for the open role.

In addition, the recruiter must be able to clearly and precisely communicate to the applicants for the position the requirements for the position and the responsibilities that are part of it.

An accurate and understandable job description is essential for attract talented candidates who fit what the company is looking for. Which saves time for everyone involved in the process. 

The recruiter's communication skills will also help him or her provide constructive feedback to candidates, whether they have been selected or not. As well as to resolve their doubts during the process, and to communicate in a positive way that they have been discarded.


This is one Essential soft skills in all jobs, because in all of them you have to be in contact to a greater or lesser extent with other people. And it is empathy that allows us create strong relationships and demonstrate understanding towards each individual's individual circumstances.

In the case of personnel selection, empathy is essential, because it makes it easier for the recruiter put yourself in the candidate's shoes and understand their past experiences. Better understanding how these can contribute to success or failure in the position you aspire to. Resulting in a more complete and fairer evaluation of his abilities. 

In addition, empathy helps build positive relationships between the recruiter and the candidates. This makes them feel more comfortable and show themselves as they really are.

If the person responsible for the selection is empathetic, they can recognize your own unconscious biases and ensure that these do not become an obstacle when valuing a person.

Finally, we cannot forget that a selection process can be emotionally challenging for candidates. If the person in charge of the recruitment tests is empathetic and offers emotional support, the experience will be more positive for the participants.


A selection specialist who works in a staffing and recruiting company needs to have a great capacity to adapt to the changes and demands of the companies for which they are looking for candidates.

As each company is different and has its own needs, the selection processes here are never homogeneous. They have to be adapted according to the specific case. Consequently, the recruiter must be able to work with different strategies and approaches, facing multiple challenges.

You need to align your focus and priorities with those of the company for which you are seeking candidates. Ensuring in all cases the quality and effectiveness of the selection process.

If you are an adaptable person, you will find it easier to work with different candidate profiles simultaneously. From employees assigned to technical positions to candidates for leadership positions. Because each recruiter from a staffing and recruiting company carries out different selection processes at the same time, and has to adapt quickly from one to the other.

Furthermore, selection processes are never free of drawbacks. It may happen that the company decides that it must fill the position in less time than expected, or that candidates with certain skills or abilities do not appear. If the recruiter has adaptability among his soft skills, he can Identify and address challenges proactively, looking for strategies that help you effectively overcome the obstacles you are encountering.

Critical thinking

Although technology is very helpful today when analyzing and comparing data within a selection process, the really important work falls on the shoulders of the recruiter. What is the person in charge of? make informed decisions. For example, deciding who moves forward and who does not within a selection process.

To do this, you will have to analyze different information ranging from the applicants' CV to the results of psychometric tests or competency-based interviews. trying to make one evaluation of each candidate that is as objective and fair as possible possible. Hence, critical thinking is an essential skill for these professionals.

This helps to precisely identify the skills that are necessary in a given job and to detect them in candidates. 

It is also useful when carrying out personal interviews, because it allows the construction of relevant questions and delving into the answers given by the candidates. Thus obtaining a more complete profile of the personality, skills and experience of the applicants.

As we said before, selection processes are not free of obstacles and challenges. And it turns out that this soft skill that we are analyzing is very useful to address problems more effectively and find creative solutions.

Time management and organization

The recruiter's agenda is full of tasks: reviewing resumes, preparing for interviews, coordinating agendas with candidates, taking tests, maintaining communication with applicants, etc. With so much to do, stress can appear and block the progress of the selection processes of companies that are waiting to receive the ideal candidate.

On the other hand, a person with a good ability to effectively manage their work time is capable of ensure that each stage of the process is carried out in due time, without unnecessary delays.

The ability to manage time also helps to keep the agenda well organized and ensure that all parties involved are available at the same time. Thus preventing candidates from having to wait too long to receive a response about their progress within the selection process.

Given the accumulation of tasks that can occur in this job, it is also essential that recruiters are able to prioritize tasks according to their level of importance and urgency. This allows them to dedicate enough time to critical activities within recruiting.

Ultimately, a specialist who is able to organize and manage his time and tasks, He suffers less stress and is more efficient in his work.

We have reviewed five soft skills that are essential in the profile of people who work selecting personnel in staffing and recruiting companies. But we could highlight many others, such as the ability to work as a team or resilience.

The important thing is to make it clear that, to obtain specialists who are in turn capable of finding the best candidates to fill jobs in client companies, organizations dedicated to staffing and recruiting have to ensure that they have certain skills. soft pads that are essential to doing your job as effectively as possible.

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