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Apply psychology and big data from the beginning of your recruitment processes.

Technology and soft skills in one.

We combine.

soft skills technology

Learning Ability

Accurately predict job performance by measuring learning ability through tests that assess applicants' general intelligence. Union of technology and soft skills.

soft skills

It objectively evaluates the most common competencies at the labor level and the behavior patterns of the applicants.

Finding your ideal candidate is now easy thanks to the union between technology and soft skills. Thanks to the knowledge of big data and science, specifically psychology, Hirint's most advanced technology achieves the candidate you are looking for.

To find your ideal candidate and for them to get the job they need according to their soft skills, request your demo now! Try the personnel selection software that is revolutionizing companies. And now it will revolutionize yours!

Scientific support to unite technology and soft skills.

soft skills technology

Hirint combine technology and softs skills. We draw on established theories of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, which have been thoroughly vetted, verified and proven. As a theoretical reference, it has been based on the "Operative Philosophies" model of Dr. Boyatzis, a renowned scientist and international expert in organizational behavior.

The model expresses that people with a certain "value orientation" will have a tendency to demonstrate and use some competencies more than others.

Hirint therefore predicts the performance of candidates through the analysis of their competencies and learning capacity, therefore basing hiring on what people are capable of doing, instead of what they have done in the past.