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Chapter 2: Importance of human talent with Livi Betancur

Welcome to the second chapter of Hirint, a space where we explore the different facets of human talent in the world of work. Today we have with us Livi Betancur, who has been married for 21 years and is the mother of a 16-year-old daughter. From her experience as an industrial engineer and ontological coach, Livi has traveled an exciting path from the world of organizations to being an entrepreneur of a leadership and culture consulting firm.

Livi begins by highlighting how the dynamics in the work environment have changed over time. Before, companies dictated terms and employees were grateful simply for having a job. Today, the scenario has changed radically; Companies and employees are in a dynamic relationship, where both contribute and benefit from a permanent journey full of learning and opportunities.

A crucial point it addresses is the impact of speed and agility on today's organizations. Digital transformation and a constantly changing environment are forcing companies to adapt quickly. Livi warns of the danger of looking for talent outside the company as it is a faster solution, urging organizations to invest in upskilling their current workforce.

Beyond organizational adaptability, Livi points out that the most significant change is cultural. The culture of an organization is its personality; It determines how decisions are made, how we interact, and how uncertainty is perceived. In this sense, Livi suggests that the role of human resources is to be the ear that captures the pulse of the organization and helps form a culture that is in line with its mission and vision.

Furthermore, the expert invites us to think beyond the business sphere. It posits that purpose and upskilling are not just business issues but also issues of national and even human purpose. It highlights the importance of partnerships, of seeing beyond the boundaries of a single organization and connecting to a broader purpose in society.

In summary, Livi Betancur offers us a comprehensive vision of human talent in the modern era, underlining the need for adaptability, upskilling and, above all, a strong organizational culture. It leaves us with the reflection that each of us is a potential leader, both in our work and personal lives, and challenges us to live in the here and now, making the most of every minute.

Don't miss this fascinating conversation, full of insights and recommendations to navigate the ever-changing world of human talent.

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