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Everything you need to know about the skills assessment in recruitment

According to a report by LinkedIn , more recruiters put an emphasis on assessing employee competency and closing skills gaps, in fact, the 74% use skills assessments to identify them. Therefore, the evaluation by competences is already a reality.

In today's article, we will explain what a competency assessment is and what are the benefits and risks of running it. We'll also tell you how to approach competency assessment for your current and future employees.

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What is a competency assessment?

Competency assessment, also known as competency assessment, is the process of examining the current skill levels of current or future employees and the potential competencies they could acquire or improve. 

If done for the entire team and against a specific standard, it reveals the skills gaps that need to be filled if a company is to achieve its strategic goals.

Why is a competency assessment important?

Competency-based appraisals are an extremely powerful method used by HR to assess strengths and weaknesses at the individual employee and team level.

Benefits of performing proficiency tests:

  • You can create an inventory of skills.
  • Identify skills gaps within your company
  • Create better skill development plans.
  • Increase the possibilities of a professional career within your company.
  • Savings in hiring.

The risks of ignoring competency tests:

  • High rotation.
  • Lower employee morale.
  • Bad reputation as an employer.
  • Reduction in development opportunities within the company.
  • Longer and more expensive hiring processes.

How to evaluate them within your company:

The evaluation of the competences can be carried out both on your employees and on the candidates who participate in a selection process. We give you some tips to implement them:

  1. The first thing you should do is establish the skills you need within your company to know what you need and from there evaluate.
  2. You must get a platform that allows you to evaluate employees or candidates easily and quickly.
  3. Analyze the results of the evaluations.
  4. From here, carry out actions to improve or look for people who adapt to what your company needs.

In conclusion…

As we have seen, the evaluation by competencies generates many advantages that in the end are reflected as direct benefits in the company.

And it is a very efficient tool that can help you predict how those employees or candidates will be in the future and how they will perform their work.

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