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Chapter 3: Collaborative work to achieve success with Milagros Maurtua

Hirint's third chapter, titled "Collaborative work to achieve success," offers valuable reflections on the human management industry in Latin America. Hosted by Milagros Maurtua, an expert with 17 years of experience leading strategic human capital projects, the episode addresses critical issues such as leadership, diversity, and organizational change.

Maurtua emphasizes the importance of role models in the industry. Not only in terms of gender diversity, but also in leadership. It highlights that good leaders not only achieve results, but also mobilize their teams towards those objectives. In an increasingly uncertain and chaotic world, she argues that working collaboratively and sharing knowledge are the keys to facing unknown challenges.

One of the most prominent themes is the need to adopt collaborative approaches on a large scale. Milagros tells us that now organizations are more open to forming interdisciplinary teams and even collaborations between different companies in the same sector to solve common problems. This, according to her, is part of the “democratization of knowledge”, an area that human management should prioritize.

Additionally, it gives us insight into the critical role of experience in building effective leaders. He ensures that positive and negative experiences are essential to shape our leadership style. In a constantly changing work environment, it advocates the construction of experiences that develop versatile profiles that are open to different ways of thinking.

The video also highlights the importance of creating an “employee experience” focused on key moments that generate positive emotions, thus building a strong organizational culture. Maurtua concludes with a reflection on current challenges in Latin America, including the issue of employee loyalty in a world where labor boundaries are fading.

In summary, this episode is a rich source of insights for anyone interested in human management and effective leadership in uncertain times. It invites us to rethink how to build more collaborative, adaptive and human-centered teams.

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