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Chapter 60: Employer branding to attract talent with Pia Gallegos

Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of HR Thoughts by Hirint! Today we are joined by Pia Gallegos, CEO of Resource Resource, to talk about talent attraction, employer branding, personal branding and the challenges of human capital in the coming years. Thanks for joining us, Pia.

To start, Pia shares a little about her personal and professional life. She tells us that she is a mother of two children and a marathon runner, currently preparing for her fifth major marathon in Tokyo. In the professional field, she is a psychologist with more than 20 years of experience. He began his career at a telecommunications company, where he worked for 15 years before founding his own human resources consultancy in 2018, called Resource Resource (RR Chile). This consulting firm focuses on medium-sized companies that need support in people management.

During the conversation, Pia reveals how her experience as a marathon runner has taught her important lessons applicable to professional life, such as the ability to adapt, focus on goals and discipline. He compares the process of running a marathon to managing a professional career, highlighting the importance of having strategies to achieve goals, adapt to unforeseen changes, and maintain motivation.

Regarding the evolution of the job search, Pia remembers the times before social media, when it was difficult to reach specialized candidates. With the arrival of LinkedIn and other job portals, this process has become faster and more efficient, allowing for a more agile response to business needs. Pia stresses the importance of candidates maintaining up-to-date and robust profiles on these platforms to be visible and attractive to recruiters.

For interviewers, Pia recommends letting candidates expand beyond the classic questions, allowing them to tell their story and demonstrating their skills and experiences. It also highlights the importance of knowing candidates' motivations and interpersonal skills to ensure they are a good fit for the organizational culture.

Speaking about generational differences, Pia points out that new generations have different motivations and that organizations must adapt to these new expectations. It highlights that priorities have changed, with candidates now placing more value on work-life balance, as well as the purpose of work, rather than focusing solely on salary.

Finally, Pia comments on future challenges for human resources. The adaptation and loyalty of talent will be key, recognizing that employee turnover is a reality and adjusting organizational processes to manage it effectively. It also mentions the importance of developing internal mobility models to maintain talent within the organization, allowing employees to grow and acquire new skills.

We close this interesting conversation by thanking Pia for her time and valuable contributions. We invite you to follow RR Chile on its social networks and Pia on LinkedIn, where she regularly shares news and advice on employability. Thanks for joining us and we'll see you on the next episode of HR Thoughts by Hirint!

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