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Chapter 53: Culture, Happiness & Soft Skills with Alejandra Carrillo

In episode 53 of “HR Thoughts,” we dive into an insightful conversation with Alejandra Carrillo, CEO and founder of Cultura In, a pioneer in the field of human resources with more than six years of experience. This chapter unfolds a rich tapestry of ideas around organizational culture, happiness at work, talent attraction, soft skills, and future challenges for human capital.

Alejandra shares her journey from her beginnings in the business world, highlighting her passion for transforming organizational culture and how, through her company, she is dedicated to strengthening leadership, personal brand, and professional development. Its approach not only seeks to improve the work environment but also promote deep self-knowledge among professionals.

A central theme of the discussion is the importance of aligning personal values with those of the company, a crucial factor for happiness and satisfaction at work. Carrillo emphasizes how modern companies must transcend the traditional vision and mission, turning them into daily experiences that reflect the culture and internal talent, and how this extends to the relationship with clients.

The episode also addresses the concept of “culture match” between candidates and companies, highlighting how a deep understanding of company culture can significantly improve talent attraction and retention. Alejandra highlights the relevance of soft skills, arguing that people are often hired for their technical skills but fired for a lack of soft skills, an aspect that companies must evaluate from the beginning.

The conversation delves into strategies to create a safe and welcoming work environment, where open communication, empathy, and recognition of achievements are promoted. Carrillo insists on the importance of psychological safety and how effective leadership must be based on the ability to actively listen and address conflicts constructively.

In addition, Alejandra projects a look into the future, speculating on emerging trends in the field of human resources, such as the growing importance of remote work, labor flexibility, sustainability, the use of analytics in HR and artificial intelligence to optimize the search for talent.

This episode not only offers a window into advanced practices in human resource management but also inspires leaders and professionals to cultivate more humane, inclusive and happy work environments. Alejandra Carrillo leaves us with a powerful message: culture and happiness at work are central to organizational success, and it is imperative that companies embrace them with seriousness and commitment.

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