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Chapter 51: Talent Attraction, Culture & Purpose with Facundo Mahlknecht

In this new episode of “HR thoughts”, a space dedicated to human resources enthusiasts, we are pleased to welcome Facundo Mahlknecht, Director of Human Resources for Latin America at Yara International. The conversation focuses on crucial topics such as talent attraction, organizational culture, business purpose and human capital challenges in the coming years.

Facundo, an Argentine passionate about soccer and resident in Colombia for 8 years, shares details of his professional and personal life. With experience as a university professor in Buenos Aires and a distinguished career in human resources, he provides a unique perspective on talent management in a multicultural and diverse context.

Yara International, present in more than 60 countries and with operations in 10 countries in Latin America, faces unique challenges in terms of regulation and cultural differences. Facundo highlights how the company strives to go beyond local regulations, implementing equitable global policies, such as in the case of parental leave.

A key aspect of the conversation is inclusion and diversity at Yara. Facundo explains how the company adapts its approach to the specific realities of each country, with an emphasis on topics such as female empowerment and support for the LGBT+ community. This approach allows Yara to address relevant issues and promote a culture of inclusion and respect.

Yara's commitment to its mission to "feed the world and protect the planet" is reflected in its approach to employees. Facundo discusses how the company fosters a sense of belonging and purpose, aligning employee actions with sustainability and social responsibility goals.

Finally, Facundo shares his vision on future challenges in the field of human resources, highlighting the importance of business reputation, human leadership and adaptability in the face of rapid and constant changes in the world of work.

This episode is a valuable contribution to the understanding of talent management in a globalized environment, offering important insights into how companies can foster inclusive and purposeful work cultures, while meeting the challenges of the future.

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