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Chapter 49: Technology & AI in Human Resources with Rogelio Segovia

In episode 49 of "HR Thoughts" titled "Technology & AI in Human Resources with Rogelio Segovia," highly relevant topics in the world of human resources and talent management are explored. In this interview, Rogelio Segovia, managing partner of Think Talent, shares his experience and knowledge about the future of human capital management, the influence of technology and artificial intelligence in recruiting and building the employer brand.

Rogelio Segovia begins the conversation by introducing himself as a professional with an eclectic career. Initially, he practiced as a lawyer in companies such as FEMSA, a Mexican corporation, before turning to the area of human resources. Later, he completed a master's degree in business administration and a doctorate in philosophy. This transition allowed him to explore his passion for interacting with people and helping organizations in a different way.

The first big change in his career came when he decided to leave his legal practice and enter the world of human resources. The second important turn came when he chose to leave an organization and found Think Talent, a human resources consulting company, where he serves as vice president of content.

Rogelio attributes his ability to stay on top of human resources trends and content to his passion for reading and his access to the digital library at Tecnológico de Monterrey, where he is a professor. Use this library to research, read newspapers from various sources, and stay up to date on relevant topics, such as the World Economic Forum.

Regarding technology and artificial intelligence in human resources, Rogelio points out that these tools are transforming the recruitment process by making it more efficient and reducing biases. However, he cautions that it is important to use artificial intelligence with caution and ethics, as the algorithms used may have inherent biases. Artificial intelligence is mainly used to speed up processes and improve efficiency, but final decision making remains a human task.

In relation to the employer brand, Rogelio highlights the importance of listening to the organization and being consistent with its culture. A company's culture is reflected in its way of operating and the behaviors expected of its employees. It is essential that the employer brand is genuine and that expectations align with the reality of working in the organization.

Rogelio also highlights the importance of productivity and innovation in today's business environment. He notes that companies must adapt to demographic and technological trends, such as population decline in some countries and the rise of artificial intelligence. To stay relevant, organizations must foster critical thinking and innovation.

In summary, this episode offers an enriching insight into the role of technology and artificial intelligence in human resource management, as well as the importance of employer branding and adapting to changing trends in the business world. Rogelio Segovia brings his experience and knowledge to illuminate these crucial issues in the field of human resources.

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