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Chapter 48: Employability, Culture and Mental Health with Natalia Gutiérrez

In chapter 48 of HR Thoughts, Javier Cañizares welcomes all those passionate about human resources. On this occasion, he interviews Natalia Gutiérrez from “Tu Mejor Trabajo Ya”. During the conversation, topics such as employability, organizational culture and, especially, mental health in the workplace are addressed.

Natalia Gutiérrez presents herself as a psychologist with more than 15 years of experience in the field of human resources. Throughout her career, she has held various positions, from coordination to management, always acting as a leader and mentor to the teams in her charge. However, it is not only his professional career that stands out in this interview. Natalia shares an inspiring personal story. After losing her job due to the pandemic, she found a new path as a content creator on LinkedIn, becoming an influencer in the field of human resources. Thanks to the advice of a friend, she began to share her experiences and knowledge on this platform, which led her to have a great impact and recognition.

His first post, which recounted a negative experience in a job interview, highlighted the need to transform selection practices in companies and advocate for more ethical and respectful processes with candidates. Natalia addresses the importance of keeping resumes updated, being active on professional social networks, and how attitude can be a key differentiator in a job interview.

But beyond advice on employability, Natalia highlights the need to work towards more inclusive and diverse work environments. It highlights that from the selection process, companies must be open, transparent and communicative. For Natalia, organizational culture is key, and if it promotes respect and communication, an environment will be built in which all people want to work.

Mental health is also a topic that does not go unnoticed in this interview. Both recognize the importance of taking care of the emotional well-being of employees, especially in times as challenging as these.

In summary, this episode gives us a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities in the field of human resources. Through Natalia's story and advice, the importance of adapting, learning and maintaining a positive attitude in the face of challenges is highlighted. It is a call to humanize our organizations more, take care of the well-being of workers and always support a culture of respect and inclusion.

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