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Chapter 47: Organizational Future, Workplace Wellbeing and Leadership with Nefris Ventura

Welcome to issue 47 of HR Thoughts. In this episode, Nefris Ventura, CEO of “Más Humano,” joins Javier Cañizares to discuss organizational culture, leadership, workplace well-being, and the future challenges that human capital will face.

Ventura, with his extensive experience in the area of human resources, tells us about his professional and personal career. Originally from Mexico and with a solid background as a psychologist, she has dedicated more than 15 years to managing human development focused on the well-being of people in organizations.

In this talk, Nefris shares how he has helped companies identify and solve organizational problems. The issue of "work grief" emerges as a central point, evidencing how the end of a job can generate deep pain in workers, a challenge that became more visible during the pandemic.

The power of effective and authentic communication also figures prominently in the conversation. Nefris highlights the importance of abandoning rigid hierarchies and promoting spaces for sincere dialogue in work environments. These conversations not only concern daily work, but also explore the personal lives of employees, generating empathy and mutual understanding.

With practical examples, Ventura illustrates how he has helped organizations redesign and redefine their work culture, prioritizing the well-being and personal and professional evolution of their employees. One of the highlights is the importance of providing workers with a clear path for professional and personal development within the company, which in turn boosts retention and job satisfaction.

To conclude, this episode highlights that, beyond strategies and systems, companies need to see and value their employees as human beings. Only by doing so can you create a work environment where well-being, engagement and productivity flourish in harmony.

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