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Chapter 45: Talent, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion with Liliana Macias

Episode 45 of the “Hirint” program presents an in-depth interview with Liliana Macías, Human Talent Manager at Grupo Charlie. Titled “Talent, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion,” this episode sheds light on crucial issues in today's world of human resources.

From the beginning, Javier takes us to know not only Liliana's professional side, but also her personal story. Originally from León, Guanajuato in Mexico, Liliana presents herself as a psychologist with an organizational focus. Her narrative evokes a deep commitment to human talent, reflected in her academic training and professional experience that has ranged from executive assistant positions to being an independent consultant and teacher.

Throughout the interview, vital topics are touched on for any company that aspires to excellence in human talent management. Liliana emphasizes the importance of congruence in leadership, highlighting the need for leaders who are genuine and empathetic. This point connects deeply with the current challenges of organizations, especially in terms of diversity and inclusion.

A key aspect of the interview is the focus on diversity and inclusion. Liliana leads us to reflect on the true meaning of equality, and how companies can really implement policies that promote a more inclusive work environment. In this sense, the importance of these policies not being simply a “box to check” is highlighted, but rather genuine actions that reflect the company's real commitment.

It also touches on the role of women in the world of work, a topic that still faces many challenges today. Liliana highlights that although there has been progress, there are still systemic obstacles and attitudes that limit the potential and leadership of women in the professional field.

The interview concludes with a reflection on the challenges and future opportunities in the world of human resources. In an era of constant change, both in technology and society, Liliana highlights the importance of adaptability, agile mindset and sustainability.

In summary, this episode of “Hirint” offers valuable perspectives on human talent management, providing listeners with tools and reflections to face current and future challenges in the world of work. It is an interview that not only inspires, but also invites action and continuous reflection.

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