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Chapter 44: Talent with Roberto López Castellanos

Welcome to another exciting episode of “HR Thoughts”! In chapter 44 of Hirint, we address a topic that is increasingly becoming more relevant in the business field: talent. For this special conversation, we are pleased to have with us Roberto López Castellanos, an expert in the world of talent and human capital management.

Roberto begins by telling us about his origins in El Salvador and how he has gone from being simply passionate about human resources to being co-founder of Grupo Search Latam, an entity present in ten countries in Latin America. This group is not only dedicated to managing and training talent, but also to creating effective strategies for attracting and retaining it. In addition, he mentions the “Red Sofá” platform, which works as a means to share and learn from the experiences of other talent leaders.

In this interview, Roberto highlights the importance of understanding individual motivations in order to create talent retention strategies. It also highlights the need to adapt to different digital platforms to reach younger generations and be relevant to them. Employer branding and candidate experience also play a critical role in this equation.

Addressing the technological field, Roberto tells us about the “Front Recruiters” program. This program arises in response to the high demand and shortage of technological talent. Through this initiative, we seek not only to find candidates with the appropriate technical skills, but also those who have essential soft skills to integrate and work as a team.

Finally, Roberto reflects on the challenges that human capital will face in the coming years, especially in the technological field. He notes that the accelerated pace of change and the constant evolution of the skills required will be a challenge. However, with a clear vision, effective leadership, and consistent investment in development and training, organizations can overcome these challenges and thrive.

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