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Chapter 42: Happiness and culture with Sergio Cancelo

Welcome to this special episode of HR Thoughts. Today, we have the honor of interviewing Sergio Cancelo, co-founder of Happy Force. We will address crucial topics such as happiness, corporate culture, purpose and human capital challenges in the years to come.

Sergio, originally from Seville but resident in Madrid since 2006, shares his experience in the dynamic and vibrant startup industry. Following a career pivot during the 2008 economic crisis, Sergio dove into the world of startups and hasn't looked back since.

A central theme of our conversation is happiness. Sergio maintains that happiness is fluid and subjective, varying depending on the person and their circumstances. However, one constant is the innate desire of all human beings to seek and experience happiness. Contrary to what some might think, it's not about being happy every day, but about finding balance and purpose in what we do.

In the workplace, happiness is not simply about fun or superficial entertainment, such as parties or table football. It's deeper than that. According to Sergio, true happiness at work comes from a culture that puts people at the center, that listens to their needs and gives them a voice. It is crucial not to confuse the superficial elements of culture with the very essence of happiness at work.

A culture of genuine happiness is one that recognizes and values its employees. Sergio reminds us that recognition is free, but is often overlooked in the work environment. Younger generations value purpose and development, while more experienced generations seek meaning and direction.

One of the most intriguing aspects that Sergio shares with us is the relationship between freedom, decision-making capacity and happiness. The ability to choose where and when to work, along with a sense of purpose, is at the top of what employees value today.

We conclude our talk by discussing the importance of effective communication in promoting a healthy organizational culture. In a world where virtual communication is the norm, it is essential to ensure that messages are understood and that there is a true human exchange.

In short, this episode offers us a deep and enriching insight into what happiness in the workplace really means and how companies can cultivate it effectively. Thank you, Sergio, for sharing your valuable insights and experience with us.

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