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Chapter 41: Diversity and inclusion and female talent with Fernanda Flynn

Welcome to a new edition of HR Thoughts by Hirint, the space for human resources enthusiasts. Today we have the privilege of speaking with Fernanda Flynn, a Human Resources expert at MercadoLibre, about diversity, inclusion, leadership and the challenges of human capital for the coming years.


Fernanda not only tells us about her professional role, but also gives us a glimpse into her personal life. Married, with a son, and a career that has led her to live in different countries in Latin America, Fernanda shares with us her comprehensive experience that brings a unique perspective to the topic that brings us together today: diversity and inclusion in the world of work.


MercadoLibre, the company where Fernanda works, has developed five pillars to address diversity: disability, multiculturalism, sexual orientation, generations and gender. Fernanda highlights that diversity and inclusion are more than fashions; They are a reality that is here to stay. In a continent as diverse as Latin America, it is crucial that companies reflect that plurality.


However, it is highlighted that the commitment to diversity and inclusion should not be only theoretical. Fernanda tells us about a MercadoLibre initiative together with “Girls in Technology” to promote the inclusion of women in the digital industry from an early age. With projects that impact socially, this initiative seeks to sow the seeds of long-term change in a predominantly male industry.


Fernanda also emphasizes the responsibility of leaders to bring these conversations to the corporate level. An effective leader in this context must be eloquent, capable of inspiring and, above all, taking diversity and inclusion initiatives into action.


In this chapter, we have covered topics that are not only relevant to HR professionals, but also to anyone interested in the future of work. From ethnocultural diversity to gender inclusion, including inclusive leadership and the need to adapt in times of change, this episode offers us a complete and multidimensional vision of the current and future work landscape.


Don't miss this fascinating dialogue with Fernanda Flynn, a professional who shows us that diversity and inclusion are more than buzzwords; They are essential business practices for the 21st century.

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