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Chapter 40: Corporate culture and leadership with Ana María Rubio

Welcome to Chapter 40 of “HR Thoughts by Hirint,” a space created for those passionate about human resources. In this edition, we have the pleasure of welcoming Ana María Rubio, political scientist and leader at Tigo Colombia. Ana María will share her unique perspective on corporate culture, leadership, and the challenges facing human capital in the coming years.


Ana María Rubio has a global background, having lived in Germany and Brazil, and has specialized in finance and leadership at the University of Nebrija in Spain. Her approach combines German rigor with Latin warmth, making her a key voice in understanding the complexity of corporate culture in a globalized world.


In this episode, Ana María highlights the importance of diagnosing the organizational culture before embarking on any transformation process. He advocates using scientifically validated tools, such as those developed by Dan Denison, to measure the four key elements of organizational culture: market adaptability, customer orientation, change management, and organizational learning.


Another critical point that stands out is that any transformation must begin with a “why.” What are you looking to change? Why is it necessary to do it now? Identifying these elements not only provides a roadmap, but also gives the organization a sense of shared purpose.


Ana María also addresses the crucial role of leaders in cultural transformation. According to her, leaders must be role models and must enable spaces for honest conversation within the organization. The inclusion and participation of all organizational levels in the change process is not just a fad; They are fundamental to the success of the change.


The episode concludes with a discussion of future challenges, particularly in the era of artificial intelligence. Ana María sees this as an opportunity for human capital to become more strategic and less operational, placing more emphasis on emotional intelligence and soft skills.


Don't miss this episode full of insights and reflections that not only apply to the business field but also to human development in general. Ana María Rubio offers us a complete and enriching vision of the world of human resources, highlighting the need for a more human and strategic approach in an era of constant changes and challenges.

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