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Chapter 38: Values & Culture with Patricia Iglesias

Welcome to Chapter 38 of “HR Thoughts” by Hirint, where today we have the privilege of talking with Patricia Iglesias. As head of the culture and people department at a technology conglomerate, Patricia provides us with a unique and valuable perspective on organizational culture, values and human capital challenges for the years ahead.


Patricia emphasizes the importance of having Human Resources representation on the company's management committee. "Being at the table where strategic decisions are made allows us to better align the team's expectations and needs with those of the company," he comments. She sees her role as a tightrope walker, trying to find the balance between business needs and team expectations, with the ultimate goal of “making people happy in the work environment.”


In the conversation, the topic of company culture stands out, a term that, according to Patricia, many companies think they know but do not have defined. "Culture is above everything, even business decisions, and must be the pillar that guides our actions," he points out. Talking about culture is not just talking about theory, but it must be implicit in decision-making, in personnel selection processes and in the day-to-day life of the company.


One of the great challenges that Patricia identifies is the clear definition of the company's culture, for which she recommends understanding how the team works, what motivates them, how they make decisions and what type of people fit into that culture. «In the end, there are as many cultures as there are types of companies in the market. The key is knowing where you fit so that you feel comfortable and that everything flows perfectly," he adds.


The interview closes with a focus on future challenges, in a work environment that is rapidly changing. Patricia points to “silent resignation” and employee turnover as indicators that many companies still need to work on their culture and values. “People should feel free to have their say,” he concludes, emphasizing that companies need to create more inclusive and open environments to retain talent and maintain a healthy corporate culture.


In summary, this episode offers us a deep introspection on the critical elements of Human Resources management and corporate culture from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Patricia Iglesias shows us that employee happiness and well-being are as critical to the success of a company as any other financial or strategic indicator.

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