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Chapter 37: Culture & tech talent with Yadira Caro

Welcome to a new episode of HR Thoughts, where we address crucial topics in the world of Human Resources. In this edition we have the privilege of having Yadira Caro, an expert in talent management with a truly diverse and enriching career. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Yadira is a trained communicator who began her career in journalism before venturing into technology and defense. Now with more than 15 years in the industry, Yadira shares her experience and knowledge through her popular podcast, focused on soft skills.


Throughout the conversation, Yadira emphasizes the importance of these essential skills for success in the workplace. In an increasingly automated world, 'soft skills' become the differentiating factor among employees. Yadira argues that adaptability, effective communication, the ability to learn and collaboration are some of the most valued competencies in today's world of work.


We also talked about how a lack of these skills can sabotage even the most technically proficient teams. Often, it is failures in communication and conflict management that cause projects to fail or teams to disintegrate.


No less important is the issue of how to integrate the evaluation of 'soft skills' in personnel selection processes. Although many companies still focus primarily on technical skills, Yadira urges HR managers to take a more holistic approach that takes into account a candidate's entire skill set.


Finally, the future of work is addressed, with Yadira noting that the ability to adapt to new roles and learn new skills will be essential for the workforce of the future.


This episode is a gold mine of insights for anyone interested in talent management, professional development or understanding what skills will be most valued in the world of work of the future. Do not miss it.

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