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Chapter 36: Culture & tech talent with Alba Lancho

Welcome to a new episode of “HR Thoughts”, a platform created for human resources enthusiasts and professionals where we discuss trends, challenges and opportunities in the field of HR. In this chapter 36, we have the pleasure of welcoming Alba Lancho, who is responsible for the People and Culture area at Sabana, a company dedicated to the application of artificial intelligence in the medical field.


During the interview, Alba shares her more than 10 years of experience in the world of human resources and what her journey has been like from clinical psychology to specializing in organizations. He talks about the challenges and achievements in talent management at Sabana, which has experienced exponential growth in recent years, tripling its workforce and expanding its operations globally.


One of the central ideas of the conversation is the importance of maintaining the "essence" of the company during phases of rapid growth. Alba highlights that regardless of the size of the company, the key is to have a clear mission and a purpose that guides all actions. In the case of Sabana, the mission is to “accelerate health science,” and this collective vision becomes the engine that drives culture and a sense of belonging among employees, no matter where they are in the world.


Likewise, topics such as the adaptation and retention of talent in the dynamic technological environment in which Sabana operates are addressed. Alba highlights that continuous professional development and a focus on innovation are key factors in attracting and maintaining highly qualified professionals, especially in such a competitive labor market.


The conversation also addresses the evolving role of human resources departments, highlighting the transition from a more operational role to one that is more strategic and aligned with the company's business objectives. Alba shares her perspective on the future of HR and how this department could become the source of future CEOs.


Don't miss this episode full of valuable insights for any professional in the field of human resources, where you will learn about the importance of corporate culture, talent retention in technological environments, and how the mission and business purpose can be the greatest allies in human capital management.

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