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Chapter 35: Attracting talent in the technological area with Silvia Giménez

In chapter 35 of "Hirint", Javier talks with Silvia Giménez, a Human Resources expert with more than 10 years of experience, especially in the technology sector. Silvia, who recently completed a six-year cycle at Singular, is now focused on cultural transformation projects and puts the employee at the center of her approach.


Key points:

Bosses Who Inspire or Expire: Silvia highlights the importance of having leaders who can inspire and encourage the growth of their teams. He emphasizes “listening ability” as an essential trait in a good leader.


Diversity and Inclusion: Silvia emphasizes that diversity is no longer a “nice to have” but a necessity in companies. Advocate for a tailored approach that is aligned with corporate strategy.


Retention of Talent in Technology: According to Silvia, the panorama has changed: it is no longer the company that interviews the candidate, but the other way around. He recommends using “referral plans” as an effective way to attract talent similar to the company culture.


Teleworking and Flexibility: The pandemic has changed the way of working and perceiving human capital, turning teleworking and flexibility into aspects already incorporated into business culture.


The Employee's Voice: Silvia advocates for satisfaction surveys and methods that truly give the employee a voice, allowing for continuous improvements in the organization.


With her experience and employee-centric approach, Silvia Giménez provides valuable ideas and advice to attract, retain and nurture talent, especially in the ever-changing technological world.

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