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Chapter 34: Purpose, culture, talent with Rafael Bergés

Welcome to this new episode of HR Thoughts by Hirint. In today's episode, we have the privilege of having Rafael Bergés, a Human Resources expert with more than three decades of experience, currently a people manager at Banco Galicia.


In a deep and enriching conversation, Rafael shares his vision on crucial topics in human talent management, such as purpose, organizational culture, and the importance of aligning employees' personal aspirations with the company's objectives. He points out that the sense of purpose is the central axis that must guide both individuals and organizations. At Banco Galicia, this concept translates into a purpose broad enough to allow each of its more than 5,400 employees to identify and contribute to the common well-being.


The conversation also covers the topic of cultural transformation in companies, an area in which Rafael is especially passionate. It talks about how a strong, cohesive culture is vital to fostering an environment where employees can develop and give their best. It highlights the importance of creating "tribes" or teams with more agile and less hierarchical structures, where collaboration and innovation are the rules of the game.


Rafael also shares Banco Galicia's approach to talent management, where the development of existing staff is prioritized before seeking external resources. It talks about how the company has created a set of tools and programs to foster continuous employee development. One of the key indicators he mentions is the low level of staff turnover, especially in areas like technology, which generally have high turnover rates.


Diversity and inclusion are other topics explored. Rafael highlights how Banco Galicia has been recognized as one of the best places for women to work in Argentina and how they are making conscious efforts to promote diversity on multiple fronts, from gender to physical abilities.


In conclusion, this episode offers an introspective and highly educational look at the role and challenges of the Human Resources department in the modern business environment. Rafael Bergés offers valuable insights based on his vast experience, making this interview an invaluable resource for HR professionals and leaders of all types.


Don't miss this chapter full of knowledge and strategies on how to build more humane, effective organizations aligned with a common purpose. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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