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Chapter 33: Attracting talent with Carlos Vivar

Welcome to Chapter 33 of HR Thoughts, the space where we explore the most relevant trends in the world of human resources. On this occasion, we have the privilege of having Carlos Vivar, talent director at Arca Continental, one of the largest bottlers in the world and part of the Coca-Cola system.


Carlos, with a professional career of more than 25 years in people management, gives us his invaluable perspective on a variety of topics: from corporate culture in large companies to the challenges that human capital faces in the coming years.


The first topic we address is how Arca Continental has built its corporate culture in a company of such size. Carlos highlights that the culture in his company is based on what they call "cultural principles." These principles, such as transparency and customer focus, are the backbone of their culture and guide the way they work, make decisions, and navigate change.


The conversation also addresses the topic of how the world of work has evolved, especially marked by the outbreak of the pandemic. Carlos comments on the need to adapt and segment HR policies to adapt to new work models, from hybrid schemes to completely remote workdays.


Diversity and inclusion are also topics of great relevance. According to Carlos, although there are isolated efforts in Mexico and Latin America to promote these practices, there is still a long way to go. In the case of Arca Continental, the company has clear goals (not quotas) and seeks to generate value through diversity.


Last but not least, we talk about happiness and well-being at work. In this sense, Carlos highlights the importance of “building loyalty” with talent rather than simply retaining it. The aim is to create an environment where employees feel that they are valued and rewarded according to their efforts.


We hope this episode gives you valuable ideas and perspectives that you can apply in your own organizations. Do not miss it.

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