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Chapter 30: Leadership, soft skills, reskilling, upskilling with Tiago Santos

In the thirtieth chapter of Hirint, we have the honor of talking with Tiago Santos, General Manager of Ironhack Spain and Portugal. The episode is a gold mine for HR professionals and business leaders. We talk about a wide range of topics, from attracting talent and soft skills to the importance of continuous training through reskilling and upskilling.


Tiago brings a unique perspective, having worked in various areas, from finance to human resources. His holistic approach to leadership highlights the need for empathy and cohesion in teams. He states that an effective leader must act as the "fuel" that keeps the machine going, without reaching the point of "explosion."


In the field of soft skills, Tiago highlights the importance of resilience, especially in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment in which we find ourselves. Additionally, it emphasizes other often overlooked but critical competencies, such as consistency and common sense. Tiago points out that companies often hire for technical skills but end up firing for lack of soft skills, highlighting the importance of a more balanced approach to talent selection.


We also address the phenomenon of reskilling and upskilling. Tiago emphasizes that investment in skills development not only meets labor market demand but also improves talent retention. Companies must be proactive in identifying skills gaps within their existing workforce and taking steps to close them.


The topic of teleworking and how it is transforming the search for talent is also discussed in depth. Tiago is cautious in considering remote work as the only solution to the challenges of the future. He argues that although it offers many benefits, such as flexibility and work-life balance, it also poses new challenges, especially in terms of creating a sense of belonging between employees and the company.


In summary, this episode with Tiago Santos is a complete guide to understanding the challenges and opportunities in the world of human resources today. It's an insightful conversation, suitable for both industry veterans and those who are just beginning their journey in the field of human resources.

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