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Chapter 27: Employer Branding with Ana Escurin

Welcome to Chapter 27 of “HR Thoughts by Hirint”, where we have the pleasure of having Ana Escurin, Global Head of Employer Brand and Experience at N26. In this installment, we delve into topics of vital importance in the world of Human Resources such as talent attraction, employer branding, diversity, female talent, teleworking and the challenges that human capital faces in the coming years.


Ana, with a background in marketing and advertising, highlights the importance of having multidisciplinary profiles in Human Resources. According to her, this diversification allows for novel approaches to problem solving and encourages innovation. Ana emphasizes that marketing plays a crucial role, especially when there is a shortage of talent in sectors such as technology. The strategy here, he maintains, is to know yourself as a company to be able to authentically communicate what is offered to candidates.


The interview also addresses the topic of diversity and inclusion. Ana points out that having diverse talent is not only ethical but also strategic. Studies show that companies with diverse teams are up to 40% more innovative.


In relation to teleworking, Ana shares several strategies to foster a feeling of belonging in employees who work remotely, from holding virtual meetings to carrying out online team building activities. However, she stresses the importance of not completely losing direct human contact, suggesting that physical meetings be held at least once a year.


In closing, Ana reflects on future challenges, which involve a holistic strategy that integrates all employees and fosters an environment where innovation and knowledge sharing can occur.


It is an episode full of learnings and practical advice for any Human Resources professional. Do not miss it!

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