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Chapter 25: Attracting talent with Larissa Navarro

Chapter 25 of the “Hirint” program brings us an exciting and deep dialogue with Larissa Navarro, Director of Human Resources at Mastercard Mexico. Addressing crucial issues such as attracting talent, diversity and inclusion, and the evolution of challenges in human capital management, this episode becomes a must-see for any professional in the area.


Larissa Navarro is not only an experienced professional with more than 15 years in the field of human resources, especially in financial institutions; She is also a mother of two children, which adds another dimension to her perspective on work life and its compatibility with domestic responsibilities. She shares with us that she has been fortunate to develop in business environments that support gender equality, which has been crucial for her professional and personal development.


The issue of diversity and inclusion is not a mere speech for Navarro or Mastercard; It is an integral part of your business culture and strategy. As Navarro puts it, diverse companies are not only socially responsible, but they are also more innovative and successful in today's market. Mastercard takes this to the next level with employee-led affinity groups, further strengthening its inclusive culture.


But the episode also dives into how technology is redefining talent management. In a post-pandemic world that has accelerated digital transformation, technology becomes a key tool to maintain company culture, even when the team is geographically dispersed.


The conversation with Larissa Navarro addresses another critical topic: the future challenges of human resources management. Work flexibility and remote 100% roles are no longer the exception, but the rule in many industries. This poses challenges in terms of maintaining a cohesive culture and sense of belonging, especially when employees are dispersed.


In summary, this episode of "Hirint" offers a 360-degree view of modern human resource management. From strategies to attract and retain talent to the critical role of diversity and technology, Larissa Navarro offers us valuable insights that any professional in the area will not want to miss.

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