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Chapter 23: Family conciliation with Consuelo Urquiza

Welcome to Chapter 23 of “HR Thoughts” on Hirint, a space created for those passionate about human resources. Today we have the pleasure of having Consuelo Urquiza, People Manager of Erinbeth Chile, an outstanding leader in the area of human resources with a wealth of experience and knowledge. We will address critical topics such as diversity, equity, inclusion, and what a sense of belonging feels like in the work environment.


Consuelo introduces us to her life with fascinating transparency. Originally from Viña del Mar, a coastal city near Santiago, she presents herself as a psychologist with a focus on diversity and inclusion. She shares with us how her professional aspiration and personal dreams converge with the vision of her company, Erinbeth Chile, allowing her to feel fulfilled both personally and professionally.


The central theme of this conversation is undoubtedly diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Consuelo suggests that companies that value these aspects tend to be more innovative, attractive to talent, and are better prepared to face future challenges. But are companies really applying these principles today? According to Consuelo, although some companies are making progress on this issue, there is still a lot of work to do. Specifically, it mentions how the pandemic has altered work dynamics, disproportionately affecting women in the workforce.


The talk delves into a delicate but essential topic: family conciliation. Consuelo not only approaches this from a business perspective but also from her personal experience as a mother of two children. Talk about the importance of having labor policies that support mothers, and fathers in general, in their return to work after maternity or paternity leave. At Erinbeth Chile, they have specific programs to facilitate this process, showing a humane and considerate approach towards their employees.


Another interesting point that Consuelo addresses is the change in employee priorities after the pandemic. Now, more than ever, workers value flexibility and emotional well-being, something that has also accelerated the adoption of diversity and inclusion policies in companies.


This episode is a call to action for all organizations to not only talk about diversity and inclusion but also take concrete action. As Consuelo says, the most important thing is to start the journey, even if it is possible to make mistakes along the way. The goal is to create a more equitable, diverse and human work environment, where each employee feels valued and supported.


So, if you are interested in learning more about how aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion can influence a company and its work culture, this episode is essential for you.

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