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Chapter 22: Leadership and new union withtrabajo.com with Ramón Rodríguez

Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of “HR Thoughts”! In this chapter 22, we have the honor of receiving Ramón Rodríguez, CEO oftrabajo.com, the leading employment portal in Chile. He will join us to discuss fascinating topics related to leadership, the skills necessary to be a good leader, and the challenges facing job portals in today's world.


Ramón is passionate about technology and has spent years dedicating himself to the development of the internet and value-added services. Throughout his career, he has worked in Spain, at Telefónica, and in the Latin American region, which has given him a unique global perspective. Currently, its mission is to improve the labor market through technology, helping people find a better job and companies find the best candidates.


In this dialogue, Ramón shares his vision on leadership, emphasizing that beyond innate qualities, leadership is an art that is cultivated. According to him, consistency, adaptability and continuous learning are fundamental aspects of a successful leader. In a rapidly changing world, these features are more important than ever.


The 'soft skills' that leaders must have in the modern work environment are also addressed. Ramón highlights the importance of effective communication, especially in a hybrid environment where part of the team works remotely. Other key skills include critical thinking and the ability to adapt and continually learn.


Ramón gives us a look at howtrabajo.com has adapted its business model in response to the pandemic. Before the health crisis, they already had a flexible scheme, but the pandemic prompted them to adopt a hybrid work model that has proven to be effective. This model considers the particularities of each team and allows each of them to adapt according to their needs.


Finally, in the conversation, we explore howtrabajo.com seeks to offer real value to both companies and candidates, putting transparency and accurate information at the center. The company has innovated in its way of presenting job offers, adding aspects such as travel time, so that candidates can make a more informed choice.


It is a chapter loaded with valuable insights and recommendations for both current leaders and those who aspire to be one. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it!

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