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Chapter 21: Soft Skills and hiring with Salvador Morales

In Chapter 21 of “HR Thoughts” titled “Soft Skills and Hiring,” Salvador Morales, partner at Envía and Talent Group, shares valuable ideas about the importance of soft skills in the hiring process. Morales' human resources consulting firm specializes in executive and technology recruiting, as well as training and development.


Morales highlights how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, prompting many companies to quickly adapt to new business models. But beyond this technological adaptability, Morales emphasizes that a focus on soft skills is crucial. For him, these competencies constitute the DNA of a company, and more and more companies are focusing their attention on this area.


According to Morales, having a good understanding of the company's "DNA" allows for better recruiting. He states that multiple candidates with suitable technical skills can apply, but if they lack soft skills aligned with the company's culture and values, the "fit" will not be adequate. That is why both candidates and companies must be on the same page to ensure a successful life change for both parties.


Morales also raises an interesting debate about whether leadership is an innate quality or something that can be developed. He assures that there are born leaders and leaders who are made over time. But it also highlights that leadership capabilities must be dynamic and adapt to circumstances, which is especially relevant in these times of constant change and transformation.


Finally, the human resources expert recommends companies have a more flexible and adaptable approach in their planning. Instead of setting five-year goals, he suggests setting achievable short- and medium-term goals. In this way, adaptability and growth can be more efficiently managed.


In summary, Salvador Morales reminds us that in a world increasingly dominated by technology, soft skills continue to be a cornerstone in the talent hiring and development process. And in times of change and adaptability, these competencies become even more vital to the success of any company.

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