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Chapter 16: HR Challenges H H. currently with Gemma Fernandez Nespral

In this episode of Hirint – Chapter 16, Gemma Fernandez Nespral addresses current challenges in the world of Human Resources (HR). With a career spanning over 20 years and experience across multiple sectors such as engineering, banking and the automotive industry, Gemma offers a deep and nuanced approach to managing people in complex corporate environments.


The central theme of the video focuses on the unique challenges organizations face today, especially in an era marked by rapid technological change and changing work dynamics. Gemma emphasizes the importance of “turning the organization around”, emphasizing the need to rebuild employee motivation and commitment. According to her, adaptability, the ability to make decisions with limited information and commitment are essential qualities in the modern world of work.


Gemma also highlights her experience with workplace flexibility and the importance of balancing time in the office with remote working, refuting the idea that productivity depends on being in person. He insists that what really matters is establishing relationships of trust and clarity in objectives and deadlines, thus allowing a more flexible and effective work environment.


At a time when adaptability and flexibility are more crucial than ever, Gemma emphasizes the need for organizational agility and breaking down bureaucratic structures that hinder innovation and efficiency. She sees a long way to go, especially in Spain, for organizations to change their mentality and get closer to a combination of a startup mentality with the reality of a large multinational.


The video concludes with a call for HR. H H. are recognized as a strategic function, something that has become even more evident in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. For Gemma, the future of the HR field. H H. lies in their ability to adapt, innovate and focus more than ever on human capital. Without a doubt, this episode offers valuable insights for any professional interested in the challenges and opportunities posed by modern Human Resources management.

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