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Chapter 15: New ways of working with Tarcila Shinno

Welcome to Chapter 15 of “Hirint,” where our guest Tarcila Shinno, an expert in new work modalities and organizational transformation, immerses us in the reality of today's work world.


Tarcila is the founder of Remote Lab, a consultancy focused on guiding companies in the transition to new ways of working, and has also created a learning academy and a community of remote workers. Their approach is simple but profound: the future of work is more human than digital.


In this video, Tarcila emphasizes the need to adapt to an increasingly digital work reality, without losing sight of the human aspect. According to her, human leadership is the key in this new scenario, especially in a world that, although increasingly digital, needs "humanity" more than ever to sustain itself.


Tarcila also offers a unique perspective on organizational transformation. For her, transformation is a single process that should not be fragmented into different types, such as agile transformation, digital transformation, etc. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of communication and 'storytelling' within companies to achieve a successful transformation process.


One of the crucial points of the talk is the "professionalization of remote work." For Tarcila, working remotely is not simply having a laptop and an internet connection; It is a discipline that requires specific methodologies and tools.


Finally, he talks about the crucial role that human resources areas will play in the post-pandemic, focusing on being creators of experiences rather than process managers. In his words, the best source of benchmark for any organization is the people who work in it.


Join us on this fascinating journey of how organizations and professionals can adapt and thrive in this new world of work.

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