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Chapter 14: Technology and HR H H. with Paola Carranco

In this episode 14 of "HR Thoughts", we join Paola Carranco, Talent Director at a company with a presence in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and the United States. Paola shares valuable insights and advice on the role of technology in the field of Human Resources, especially in the contemporary world of work that is constantly changing.

Paola begins the conversation by addressing the need to adapt and even reinvent the world of work. It argues that traditional work practices must be reevaluated, and that people and organizations must embrace technology to stay relevant and effective.

The talk delves into four fundamental aspects:

Understand and React: Paola invites us to take conscious pauses to understand the changing environment in which we operate, recommending a process of reflection followed by action.

Dare to Take Risks: Advocates a bold mindset, in which new ideas are experimented with and alternative ways of doing things are sought, even if that means making mistakes.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Highlights the importance of being flexible in a rapidly changing world. The ability to adapt to various situations is key for any professional in the workplace.

Humanizing Work: Paola highlights the need to see employees not only as workers but as integral human beings with diverse needs and aspirations.

Additionally, it addresses the concept of “harmony” as a more realistic and achievable goal than the traditional ideal of “work-life balance.” Insists on the importance of self-regulation and how organizations can facilitate it.

Regarding the traits of a good leader, Paola mentions empathy, active listening and congruence as essential elements. It also reflects on how the role of the HR department has evolved significantly during the pandemic, going from being a mere people manager to becoming a catalyst for the holistic well-being of employees.

In the context of future challenges, it highlights the importance of unlearning outdated practices and adopting emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence in talent-related decision making.


The episode concludes with a call to action to continue inspiring and supporting the development of more inclusive and effective work environments.


Don't miss this installment full of perspectives and practical solutions for navigators in the world of Human Resources.

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