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Chapter 13: Get to know your organization with Oscar Galvez

In chapter 13 of the “HR Thoughts” series presented by Hirint, Oscar Gálvez, Corporate People Manager at Isapre Colmena, a health insurance company in Chile, shares his reflections on the challenges and opportunities faced by human resources departments in the digital age. In a rapidly transforming environment driven by technological advances and social changes, Oscar highlights the importance of adapting to stay relevant and effective.


Gálvez points out how technology has stopped being exclusive to IT areas and has permeated all facets of the organization, including people management. With the advent of cloud solutions and more integrated tools, it is crucial that the organization and its staff are aligned and trained to get the most out of these new technologies. It's not just about adopting technologies because they are fashionable; It is vital to understand the specific needs and culture of the organization to implement changes that truly add value.


Oscar also addresses the accelerating effect of the pandemic on technology adoption. He underlines that this new reality has forced companies to evolve rapidly, which has required a focus on “adaptive leadership.” Today's leaders must be facilitators, able to coordinate and develop their teams in an environment that is constantly changing. In this context, Colmena has invested a lot of time in training its leaders, recalibrating their skills so that they can lead more effectively in this new landscape.


The video also addresses how human resources have gained a more prominent space in organizations. Oscar believes that this area is in a process of reinvention and now has a unique opportunity to demonstrate its value, especially in a world where remote work is increasingly common. From selection to training and work environment management, human resources have the crucial task of maintaining organizational cohesion.


In summary, this episode offers a detailed view of how human resources can and must evolve to remain a fundamental pillar in modern organizations. With a focus on adaptive leadership, alignment with technology, and a deep understanding of organizational culture, HR departments are better positioned to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Don't miss this insightful chapter to gain valuable insights from an expert in the field of people management.

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