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Chapter 1: Challenges in the area of Human Capital with Carla de Vanegas

In this episode of “HR Thoughts,” Carla de Vanegas, a prominent figure in the world of Human Capital, shares her experience and perspectives on the transformations and challenges in the sector. Carla represents a group that has expanded to more than 10 countries, including Mexico, Central America, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Colombia. The group, which initially started as a headhunting company, has gone further and now works in areas such as youth employability, organizational well-being and the digitalization of networking.

A central idea that Carla highlights is the importance of “connections that transcend.” According to her, the act of connecting people goes beyond simple work interactions; It's about making meaningful connections that have a lasting impact. This comprehensive vision of the human being in the world of work is crucial to understanding how organizations should face the challenges of the post-pandemic era, which has driven accelerated changes in how Human Capital is conceived and managed.

Carla emphasizes the importance of “adaptability” and “hunger to learn” in the modern work environment. The rapidity of technological and economic change makes it vital for companies and individuals to stay up to date and be willing to learn and unlearn. In this sense, he points out that the function of the Human Capital area has acquired a more central role than ever. It is no longer just an organizational appendage, but has become a fundamental part of business strategy.

Additionally, the expert addresses topics such as diversity, the importance of comprehensive well-being and the innovation mentality. It also notes that the profiles of success in organizations are changing rapidly, which has led to a "talent shortage" in certain specialized areas. In response to this, Carla calls on organizations to invest in the internal development of their employees and consider importing specialized talent from other sectors or countries if necessary.

In summary, this episode offers a complete and enriching vision of the challenges and opportunities in the field of Human Capital. Carla de Vanegas invites us to look beyond traditional processes and policies, and adopt a more human, adaptable and strategic approach to prepare for the future of work.

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