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7 roles that are on the rise thanks to AI

The AI or artificial intelligence It has come to revolutionize the way we understand technology and the use we can get out of it. However, there is a certain controversy surrounding it, because it has the potential to replace human beings in a large number of jobs.

The massive use of AI has been happening for a few months, but For years, experts have been studying what its impact will be on our daily lives.

Curiously, it had always been thought that the least qualified positions were going to be the first to be affected by computer systems capable of functioning autonomously, even of learning, but it turns out that this is not going to be the case. It is true that many low-skilled jobs could disappear in just over a decade, but people with higher qualifications and better positions are not safe either. We find a good example in the company NetDragon, specialized in video game design, which a few months ago appointed an AI to serve as CEO of the company and, since then, its share price has risen.

We see another clear example in Hollywood, where screenwriters and actors have been on strike for months. The reason: the major film production companies are planning to replace them with artificial intelligence systems.

It is clear that there are risks and that AI creates some uncertainty for us because it is something we have never faced before. But If something distinguishes human beings, it is their ability to face problems. and turn the tables, as is popularly said.

Yes, artificial intelligence could make certain jobs disappear, but it can also provide new and interesting job opportunities. We are not going to be left without jobs, any more than the workers of the 19th century were left without jobs when industries began to use machinery, simply we will have to adapt and make adjustments in the way we work. Because, no matter how much technology improves, there are human faculties that it can never imitate.

We are going to take this from the most optimistic point of view possible and, to do so, today we analyze seven job roles that are being strengthened due to the growing use of artificial intelligence systems.

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Prompt engineers

Using AI is so simple that it seems like child's play, and it is when we apply it with a lucid purpose, but things change if we need effective results to do our job.

That's when we realize that Your answers are not entirely accurate., either They don't quite fit what we need. In the end, we end up investing time in making different queries to try to get to the information we need. If you think about it, this doesn't add much value compared to what we do when performing a Google search.

The point is that an AI is a much more powerful tool than a simple search engine, and we should be able to get the most out of it. But for this we must be able to give very precise orders, and this can be complicated.

This is where the prompt designer comes into play. The Prompts are the orders we give to artificial intelligence to do what we expect of it.. And what the designer or engineer does is create instructions so precise that they ensure that we obtain the answer we are looking for the first time.

Their messages give the AI a context and a very delimited framework in which to move to search for information and synthesize it. Curiously, to make good prompts you don't need technology experts, but rather they turn out to be Philologists and linguists are the most suitable to carry out this work. 

Data analysts

The profession of data analyst is not new, far from it. For decades, companies have needed to have people on staff capable of draw conclusions from numerical data. Creating reports that are much friendlier and easier to understand for those who must use that information to make their decisions.

The thing is that the data analyst profession has evolved a lot over time. Before it was an almost artisanal job, of searching and comparing data by hand. But that changed with the arrival of computing.

Something as common as a spreadsheet, which allows applying filters and segmenting information, produced a leap in quality in the daily lives of analysts. They could now access data more quickly and easily.

Then came the Big Data, with technological systems capable of working with thousands and even millions of data at a time. You could say that It's technology that does the hard work, while The human being is dedicated to applying his analysis capacity to data that has already been processed with maximum precision.

AI further revolutionizes data processing, and opens up a world of new possibilities when it comes to managing information. Therefore, data analysts are more necessary than ever, because Its main task is to ensure that all this information reaches its recipients in a way that is understandable and useful to them.

Robotics engineers

We could say that AI is the software and robots are the hardware. If we give a body to artificial intelligence, it can improve your ability to interact and work.

At the domestic level we have a clear example of this combination in devices as common as smart vacuum cleaners. On a more complex level that seems more futuristic to us, we have it at Changi Airport (Singapore), where a robotic police officer patrols alongside his human companions. It is responsible for notifying people if there is an incident, and for recording interventions, among many other things.

Science fiction has fantasized about intelligent robots being part of our daily lives, and today we know that this is not a fantasy. But, for it to become a tangible reality for the entire population, engineers specialized in robotics are needed. Capable of design and build robots that take on different functions. And therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for these professionals is increasing.

AI Trainers

One of the peculiarities of AI is that is able to learn on her own. However, as with human beings, Its evolution can be faster and more effective if it is assisted by someone to help her, which is just what AI trainers do. 

Specialists whose mission is develop and improve AI models, so that their operation is more effective.

The work of these people results in artificial intelligence systems that are capable of reaching their full potential. Just as a coach works with an athlete so that he can stand out and give his best, AI coaches work directly with technology so that Artificial intelligence is increasingly specializing in certain fields.

AI Ethics Advisors

Can artificial intelligence turn against us? The debate is there but, while it is resolved, profiles have already emerged that seek to protect us from this risk. It's about ethics coaches. 

The AI learns based on the data it has available. Therefore, if the information you access is biased, your results will also be marked by that bias. That is We could have an artificial intelligence that acts in a sexist, homophobic or racist way (among other things).

The job of ethics advisors is to prevent this from happening, preventing the algorithms from being modified. And only in this way can we guarantee that the behavior of the AI will be as desired.

AI Legal Experts

With artificial intelligence we can do many good things, but also others that are not so positive. For example, pretending to be another person, even imitating their voice, or creating false information that is quickly distributed over the Internet.

AI is a instrument that can be used to commit a crime. It is even creating crimes that did not exist until not long ago. As a consequence, society will need legal specialists who are trained in a matter as specific and complex as this.

These professionals will not only be in charge of litigating, but they will also be able advise AI developers and companies that use these technologies so that they do it in the most legal way possible.

AI Business Development Manager

Under this complex name nothing is hidden other than AI-related marketing and sales experts.

It is clear that companies are going to want to invest in this technology, but it is a sector in which there is more and more competition and in which products must adjust as closely as possible to the needs of each user. In this environment, having specialized sales will be of vital importance for all companies involved in the development of these technologies.

With the unstoppable advance of AI, new job roles come to us, but the human role in society and at work is by no means in doubt. Soft skills such as analytical thinking, flexibility, creativity and the ability to solve problems, will be more important than ever in the world of work that is beginning to emerge. 

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