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Chapter 8: Identifying the right talent with Liliana Gutiérrez

In the eighth chapter of "HR Thoughts" presented by Hirint, Liliana Gutiérrez, General Director and partner of LG Consultores, immerses us in the universe of identification and management of human talent. With 19 years of experience in the market and operations in Colombia and Guatemala, LG Consultores presents itself as a multidisciplinary firm with three key business areas: Head Hunting, Consulting and People Management, and Digital Tools. Liliana shares her perspective on the unique challenges and uncertainties facing the world of talent today, especially in the context of the pandemic.

Challenges and Generational Changes

Liliana comments on the challenges of managing different generations in the same work environment, addressing topics such as digital culture and adaptability. Additionally, it highlights the increase in COVID-19 cases and how this affects decisions about hybrid and in-person work models.

Talent Assessment

In the world of talent management, Liliana sees a change in focus. Now, companies are not only looking for external talent but are also more interested in identifying and developing internal talent. The idea is to give new opportunities and challenges to younger generations seeking rapid growth.

Tools and Strategies

The Director of LG Consultores emphasizes the importance of having robust tools to evaluate "soft skills", in addition to technical competencies. Liliana also addresses the importance of “employer branding” and how to use social networks and brand ambassadors to attract talent.

The Role of Psychology

As a psychologist, Liliana defends the importance of the role of psychology in the area of human resources. He explains how psychologists can provide a deeper insight into human behavior, something he considers crucial in the talent identification and management process.

Future vision

Finally, Liliana points to the rapid changes in technology and the labor market, urging organizations to prepare for the skills of the future and new professions that are emerging.

Don't miss this episode full of valuable insights if you are interested in human talent management, talent attraction strategies and organizational psychology.

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