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Chapter 5: Employability and organizational development with Oscar Silva

In this fifth episode of Hirint, Oscar Silva immerses us in a revealing conversation about two crucial concepts in today's world of work: employability and organizational development. With extensive experience in work psychology and a strong presence on LinkedIn, Oscar is an authoritative voice that addresses these issues with a social focus.

Oscar begins the video by highlighting his experience in recruiting, where he has been both "hated and loved." This humorous observation becomes a starting point to address the communication gap that often exists in selection processes, especially in the Chilean and Latin American context. At a time when technology is being incorporated into human resources processes, Oscar celebrates how new technological tools are optimizing efficiency in recruiting and talent management.

The impact of the coronavirus on the labor sector is also being carefully analyzed. Oscar highlights how the pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of human resources, facilitating, among other things, communication with candidates. This is especially relevant in a context where employability has become a complex and often costly issue.

You have personally experienced unemployment and know how difficult it is to stay motivated during those periods. For this reason, it has promoted a social initiative that focuses on offering workshops and sharing job offers to help those who find themselves in a similar situation. Thanks to his network of more than 330,000 followers on LinkedIn, he has obtained funding to carry out these altruistic activities, benefiting thousands of people in the process.

The video also highlights the change in the nature of the employment relationship, pointing to how people no longer stay in one job their entire lives. This places organizational development center stage, with loyalty and career development mechanisms adapting to this new reality. Oscar highlights the importance of effective leadership in this new work environment, since the modern leader must be more of an "orchestra director" than a simple leader.

In summary, this episode offers a comprehensive and well-informed look at the challenges and opportunities facing both employers and employees in the changing workplace landscape. From the implications of technology and the pandemic to the importance of effective leadership and social impact, Oscar Silva offers valuable insights that can benefit everyone in the field of human resources.

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