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Chapter 52: Humor at work with Angel Largo

In episode 52 of “HR Thoughts by Hirit,” a program dedicated to human resources enthusiasts, we dive into a stimulating conversation with Ángel Largo, a leading professional in the area. The central theme of this episode is "Humor at Work", an often underestimated but crucial facet of the work environment.

Ángel Largo, with his charisma and experience, takes us on a journey that explores the importance of humor at work, how it influences the feeling of belonging and happiness, and the challenges that human capital faces in the coming years. The interview begins with a personal presentation by Ángel, where he shares aspects of his life, his passions and his career, giving us a glimpse into the person behind the professional.

One of the key points addressed is how humor can be a powerful tool to improve productivity and performance at work. Ángel emphasizes that humor not only serves to overcome difficulties and manage conflicts, but also strengthens the ties between coworkers. However, he makes an important distinction between humor and fun, highlighting that there must be a balance between serious work and moments of fun.

The conversation delves into how companies can integrate humor naturally and effectively into their corporate culture. Ángel suggests that humor should flow from management downwards and be promoted by “ambassadors” who inject energy and enthusiasm into the team. In addition, it shares practical ideas to foster a happier and more relaxed work environment.

Another interesting aspect is the discussion on how to maintain cohesion and a sense of belonging in teams that work remotely. Ángel proposes creative solutions to generate bonds and maintain team spirit even from a distance.

The interview also touches on generational change in the workplace and how new generations are redefining work priorities, putting more emphasis on flexibility and well-being rather than salary. Ángel highlights the importance of adapting to these new trends to maintain a motivating and satisfying work environment.

Finally, the future of human capital in the digital age is addressed and how artificial intelligence can be an ally in talent management, without replacing the essential human touch.

This episode not only offers valuable insights into human capital management and the role of humor at work, but also inspires listeners to reflect on how they can improve their own work environment. Ángel Largo, with his fresh and disruptive approach, reminds us that work can and should be a place of fulfillment, satisfaction and, of course, fun.

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