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Chapter 46: Talent, Loss, Mental Health with Marcela Meroño

Welcome to a new episode of “HR Thoughts” on Hirint, Chapter 46. In this space, designed for human resources enthusiasts, we delve into the experiences and knowledge of leaders in the field of human management. On this occasion, we have the pleasure of having Marcela Meroño, consulting partner at People Consulting.

Today's episode is titled: "Talent, Loss, Mental Health," and with Marcela's guidance, we will explore the evolution of the world of human capital, as well as how companies can navigate mental health challenges in the work environment, especially in times of change and crisis.

Marcela shares her personal and professional story, from her beginnings in the world of human resources 23 years ago, through her entrepreneurial experience after facing a layoff that deeply affected her. In addition, it gives us an intimate look at her career, which extends from life and team coaching to her training as a thanatologist, a specialization focused on accompaniment in grieving processes.

Throughout the conversation, essential topics are touched upon such as the evolution of tools and processes in talent selection, the importance of loss and crisis management in the workplace, and how mental health has become an integral part key for organizations in the post-pandemic era.

Marcela also addresses the relevance of female empowerment in management roles and highlights the need for labor policies that promote a balance between work and personal life, especially for women. Additionally, it highlights the importance of constant training and adaptation in a world where technology and artificial intelligence continue to evolve, and how these tools, although valuable, cannot replace the human touch in the selection process.

This episode is an invitation to reflect on the transformations in the world of human capital and to recognize the importance of caring for and understanding the emotional and mental well-being of employees.

We hope you enjoy this enriching talk and that Marcela's words inspire you and offer valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the field of human resources!

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