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Chapter 43: Attracting talent with Bárbara Chiaramello

Welcome to a new episode of HR Thoughts. In this chapter 43, we delve into the fascinating world of talent attraction, analyzing stereotypes, the focus on female talent, and the current and future challenges of human capital. To guide us in this exploration, we are joined by Bárbara Chiaramello, Talent Acquisition Partner at General Motors.

Bárbara, 27 years old and originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, shares her professional and educational career with us. With an undeniable passion for human resources, Bárbara is proud of her career choice and her academic training at the Universidad del Salvador and the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa.

The central topic of the discussion focused on the challenges faced by General Motors and the automotive industry in general in the field of human resources. Rapid technological advancement, constant innovation and the transformation towards sustainable mobility are some of the challenges mentioned by Bárbara. In addition, it highlights the need for innovative talent attraction and retention strategies, especially in such a competitive market.

One of the highlights of the dialogue was inclusion and diversity in the automotive industry, traditionally seen as a more conservative sector. Barbara highlights General Motors' efforts in this area, with a clear vision towards inclusivity. Through awareness programs, training and policy alignment, General Motors seeks to break barriers and stereotypes.

The conversation also leaned toward the influence of technology, specifically artificial intelligence, on workplace diversity. Barbara highlights how AI can help eliminate biases and improve processes, especially in recruiting.

In conclusion, the future of human resources looks challenging, but with professionals like Barbara at the helm, a promising horizon is visible. Adaptability, analysis and strategic decision making will be key in the coming years to face and overcome the challenges that arise.

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