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Chapter 39: Purpose and Leadership with Ema Yoshikawa

Welcome to a new episode of “HR Thoughts”, the interview series designed for those who are passionate about human resources. In this Chapter 39, we are honored to welcome Ema Yoshikawa, a People Manager with years of experience in various industries. With Ema, we dive into a deep conversation about purpose, leadership, diversity, and the future challenges of human capital.


Ema begins by sharing details of her personal and professional life. She highlights the importance of not hiding the role of mother in the working world and how that is integrated into her personal purpose. Trained as a psychologist and ontological coach, Ema has developed her career in Mexico and Chile, navigating different sectors such as automotive, construction, technology, among others. Today he works at Ivimberg Chile, a mass consumption company known for its beers such as Corona and Budweiser, where the mission is to "create more reasons to toast."


One of the keys to Ema's professional success is her strong sense of purpose. She maintains that working with a clear personal objective, which also aligns with that of the organization, generates exceptional results. It is about dedication, energy and also sacrifices, but everything is easier when there is a purpose that guides your actions.


The conversation becomes especially revealing when we address issues of diversity and inclusion. Ema highlights the importance of reflecting the diversity of society in organizations. To be truly inclusive, companies must constantly measure their own numbers against gender, migration and other indicators, to understand where they are and how they can improve. Ema highlights that at Ivimberg Chile, thanks to conscious management, 44% of leadership roles are occupied by women.


For those leaders looking to implement a diversity and inclusion strategy, Ema's advice is clear: start with a good diagnosis backed by data. In addition, both external alliances and internal commitments are crucial to carry out diversity initiatives.


Ema Yoshikawa is a clear example of leadership focused on purpose and diversity, and her vision represents an invaluable source of inspiration for any human resources professional.


Don't miss this chapter full of enriching perspectives, which will undoubtedly make you reflect on how you can contribute to a more diverse, inclusive and purposeful work environment.

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