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Chapter 32: Entrepreneurship & Talent with Pablo Gonzalez

It is evident that episode 32 of the “HR Thoughts” program offers a kaleidoscope of fresh ideas and impactful perspectives on the world of Human Resources, entrepreneurship and talent management. Pablo González, the founder and CEO of Tigo, provides his experience and knowledge, unfolding a range of topics that are vital for any individual or company that aspires to thrive in the contemporary work environment.


First, Pablo addresses his own entrepreneurial journey that began with a revelation during an exchange in Panama. Here a vision emerged: to refute the notion of a “lost generation” in Spain and foster a community that highlights the country's talent and potential. His personal narrative is a perfect representation of how entrepreneurship is often born from a point of frustration, becoming a channel for positive change.


Additionally, the concept of “value” is a constant in the conversation, emphasizing the importance of adding value for both employees and the company. According to Pablo, the real challenge and excitement in talent management lies in the “people.” The ability to manage, understand and connect with different generations, skills and personalities in a work environment is what makes an organization not only survive but thrive.


The episode also addresses a sensitive but crucial topic: age and talent. As workforce dynamics change, the stigma associated with “age” must be dismantled. Pablo suggests that the debate should not focus on whether or not we are “losing talent” due to age, but on how we harness the potential of each individual, regardless of their age, to collaborate in building a more inclusive and productive future.


Finally, the episode touches on the idea of adaptability, especially in a post-pandemic world. Companies need to be agile, able to adapt to changing situations quickly. But beyond adaptability, the most crucial factor according to Pablo is “commitment and effort,” followed by “passion.” Without these fundamental qualities, any attempt to manage talent or run a company is doomed to failure.


In short, this episode is a compact but powerful capsule of wisdom that anyone interested in the field of HR and entrepreneurship will find invaluable. From personal anecdotes to insightful observations, Pablo González offers a comprehensive view of how to navigate the challenges and opportunities in today's world of work.

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