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Chapter 31: Attracting technological talent with Andreina de Rufino

Welcome to a new chapter of “HR Thoughts”. Today we have a very special episode in which we talk with Andreina de Rufino, Talent Manager at Talent. Andreina has more than seven years of experience in the world of Human Resources and a special passion for volunteering.


In this episode, we cover various topics such as attracting talent in the technological field, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the importance of soft skills, and the challenges facing human capital in the years to come. Andreina shares with us her extensive experience, including her work in NGOs that focus on helping vulnerable migrants, and how these experiences have shaped her as a professional.


Andreina highlights the importance of flexibility and adaptability in the work environment, especially when it comes to technological profiles. In a rapidly changing world, these skills are essential for any professional. It also emphasizes that while hard skills are important, soft skills are often what determine long-term success in an organization. According to Andreina, attitude and learning ability are essential and often more difficult to teach than technical skills.


One of the hottest topics we address in this episode is diversity and inclusion. Andreina reminds us that, although significant progress has been made in these areas, there is still much to do. Diversity and inclusion should not be just a “nice to have”, but a real necessity for all companies that want to be competitive and fair.


Andreina also mentions the challenges that older professionals face in the technological field, due to ageism. It underlines the importance of valuing the experience and maturity that these professionals can bring to a team or project.


In summary, this episode offers a deep and comprehensive look at the challenges and opportunities facing the HR field today. From attracting technological talent to diversity and inclusion, to the importance of soft skills, Andreina de Rufino offers us a complete and well-informed overview of what it takes to succeed in the modern world of human capital.


Don't miss this episode full of ideas and reflections that can be applied in any organization. See you in the next chapter of “HR Thoughts”.

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