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Chapter 29: Talent attraction, well-being, burnout with Sebastian Hoyos

Welcome to a new edition of HR Thoughts. In today's chapter, we are pleased to have Sebastián Hoyos, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Nokia. With 18 years of experience in the sector, Sebastián offers us his expert vision on attracting talent, employee well-being and how to address burnout in the work environment.


Sebastián highlights the importance of finding the “right talent for the right role,” and points out that beyond salary, what drives candidates today is a healthy and balanced work culture. He talks about how new ways of working, such as teleworking, have posed challenges and opportunities for large companies. According to him, the hybrid model is the future, offering flexibility to employees while maintaining a sense of belonging to the company.


In today's highly competitive environment, attracting and retaining talent is a complex task. Startups have raised the bar, not only in terms of salary but also in work flexibility. To compete, large companies like Nokia must offer more than stability; They need to create an environment that fosters employee growth, interaction, and mental health.


We also address the delicate topic of 'burnout', an increasingly common phenomenon in professional life. Sebastian shares his personal experience of how burnout led him to reconsider his priorities and find a better work-life balance.


The episode concludes with a reflection on future challenges in the field of Human Resources. Sebastián emphasizes that flexibility and adaptability will be key to staying competitive in the labor market of the future.

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