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Chapter 28: Training, culture… with Victoria Galeano

Enjoy «Training, culture... | HR Thoughts | Victoria Galeano | Hirint – Chapter 28,” an episode especially dedicated to exploring the complexity and importance of the world of Human Resources. Our guest, Victoria Galeano, is an expert in people management with years of experience in different geographies and cultures. With roots in Uruguay and a career that has taken her to Chile, Victoria brings us a unique perspective on how to train, motivate and retain human talent in the modern era.


Victoria emphasizes a fundamental point: people form the essence of any organization. Its philosophy focuses on the differential contribution that each individual can make, not only in terms of skills and abilities but also in terms of their humanity. It talks about the importance of finding purpose in the work we do, and how that purpose should align with the broader goals of the organization.


In this sense, Victoria gives us practical examples of how her company has worked to align personal and organizational purpose. Through strategies focused on the company's culture, we seek not only to meet business goals, but also to positively impact the community and the world in general. It is a holistic vision that seeks a balance between financial goals, employee well-being and social responsibility.


We also address the issue of continuing training in a world that is constantly changing. Victoria highlights the importance of adaptability and continuous preparation to face future challenges. Additionally, her training as a coach has allowed her to develop active listening and a collaborative learning approach that empowers employees to find their own solutions to the challenges they face.


Finally, speaking about future challenges in the field of human capital, Victoria notes that flexibility, adaptability and a strong focus on human development will be more crucial than ever. The role of human resources is expanding beyond talent management and must now incorporate a deeper understanding of business objectives, technology and sustainability.


This episode is an in-depth conversation that offers valuable insights for anyone interested in the future of work, talent management, and creating more humane and sustainable organizations. Do not miss it.

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