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Chapter 24: Attracting talent with Marissa Villanueva Alvarado

Welcome to Chapter 24 of Hirint's "HR Thoughts", a space dedicated to those passionate about human resources. In this episode, we have the honor of interviewing Marisa Villanueva Alvarado, Talent Attraction Coordinator at Tec de Monterrey, one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America.


With 15 years of experience at Tec de Monterrey, Marisa has been a key player in the evolution and transformation of the institution's talent attraction strategy. He has worked in various sectors of Tec, including TecSalud, the School of Medicine and the Tecmilenio University, contributing his knowledge and innovative approach in the area of talent attraction.


In this conversation we will cover critical topics in the field of human resources: talent attraction, teleworking, upskilling, reskilling and future challenges in human capital management. Marisa will share her perspective on how the pandemic has transformed the way organizations attract and retain talent, and how Tec de Monterrey has responded to these challenges.


Marisa will talk to us about how Tec de Monterrey is adapting its strategies to attract and retain talent in an increasingly flexible work environment. In addition, it will address the necessary balance between remote work and in-person work, the role of diversity and inclusion in the work environment and how Tec de Monterrey has implemented development and training programs for its employees.


This episode is not to be missed for any professional in the area of Human Resources or anyone interested in current trends and challenges in attracting and retaining talent.


Don't miss it, we hope you enjoy it!

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