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Chapter 20: Digitalization and People with Christian Novellino

For the video titled «Digitalization and People | HR Thoughts | Christian Novellino | Hirint – Chapter 20”, we present a complete analysis of how digitalization is transforming the human talent management landscape. Christian Novellino, Talent Manager for the Americas region, addresses relevant topics such as employee retention, leadership development and continuous training in the context of rapid digital transformation.


Christian argues that, especially in these times of change accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus on reskilling and upskilling has become critical. Organizations need to both rethink certain roles and take others to the next level, adapting to the demands of the global market. From a "People" perspective, the objective is to identify key roles and skills necessary to transform and improve the business.


He talks about how the pandemic accelerated digitalization in his company, which until then had largely operated with a more traditional intermediary model. The current challenge is to get closer to the end consumer through digital channels, which, in turn, requires a parallel transformation in the development of human talent.


Christian highlights several fundamental skills for the future, both "soft skills" and technical skills. Among the first, he mentions problem solving, curiosity, creativity and adaptability. In terms of technical skills, he highlights the importance of using technology and data analysis.


The video also touches on the topic of how to “empower” human talent, noting that it is not only about offering development courses, but also about identifying the specific needs of the business and the employee. For Christian, the process must be comprehensive and consists of five steps: identify the need, empower the employee, communicate with leaders, follow up and, finally, evaluate the results to close any skills gap.


In the final segment, Christian talks about the importance of maintaining an attractive employer brand. He explains that his team works closely with other departments to ensure that the strategy is comprehensive and relevant to different actors, from employees to external stakeholders.


In summary, this video offers a comprehensive vision of how digitalization is affecting human talent management and provides practical tools to adapt to this new landscape.

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