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Chapter 19: Transforming the workforce with Juan Galo

In Chapter 19 of “HR Thoughts,” Juan Galo Martínez Negro, CEO of Hirint Global, offers a comprehensive analysis of workforce transformation and how companies should address this complex and dynamic change. The essence of the message is clear: "Transformation is, above all, a human matter."


Transformation Beyond Technology

According to Juan Galo, technology is only part of the puzzle. Significant transformations always involve people. To stay ahead, you not only have to learn new skills, but also unlearn old ones to quickly adapt to the changing work landscape.


Challenges in Talent Search

Finding the right talent is always a challenge, and technology can be a tool to facilitate this process. But Juan emphasizes that technology should be a means to make informed decisions, not a substitute for human judgment.


Hybrid Work Models

Hybrid work models are gaining ground, although we are still in an experimentation phase. Hirint Global has adopted a successful hybrid strategy that has allowed it to significantly expand its customer base during the pandemic. Juan shares examples of how his company has managed to work effectively with teams from different countries.


Creativity like Pilar

One of the most impactful lessons from the video is the importance of creativity. Juan says that in an uncertain future, what really counts is the ability to be creative, to combine existing resources in innovative ways. In the words of Walt Disney, “if you can dream it, you can create it.”


Capabilities for the Future

To face an uncertain future, companies and employees need to develop certain key capabilities: flexibility, focus, and a rapid ability to learn and unlearn. Decentralization and a focus on results over processes will also be crucial.


Humanity in Transformation

The human approach in transformation is vital. Juan emphasizes the need to be “close without controlling,” facilitating and guiding rather than micromanaging. Each individual, with their unique set of skills and creativity, contributes to the sum total of a company's success.



The chapter concludes with an inspiring message: there is no pre-established script for anyone; each one is the author of his own story. In this journey of transformation, both organizational and personal, the key is to “write to leave a mark.”

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