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Chapter 18: Evolution of HR. H H. with Ángeles Ojeda

In this chapter of Hirint, Ángeles Ojeda, a specialist with more than 15 years of experience in the search, attraction and management of talent, offers us her vision on the transformation in the field of Human Resources (HR), especially after the pandemic.


Ángeles highlights how the role of the HR leader H H. has experienced a substantial change in the post-pandemic period. Previously focused on operational and technical functions, they must now adapt soft skills to facilitate adaptation and change within the organization. This transition has not been fully understood by everyone, which highlights the importance of inspirational leadership that motivates and expedites change.


One of the most palpable novelties is the incorporation of agile methodologies in HR processes. H H. These allow us to promote rapid and effective changes, something essential in a constantly evolving world. Automation and technology have also freed departments from operational tasks, allowing for a more candidate- and employee-centric approach, thus facilitating more effective recruitment and retention processes.


Ángeles insists on the importance of the “employer brand”, a strategy that goes beyond marketing and focuses on creating meaningful experiences for employees, aligned with the values and purpose of the organization. This human approach is especially crucial for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), where according to Ángeles, it is easier to transmit corporate philosophy and values due to the closeness between employees and leaders.


Finally, Ángeles identifies future challenges, especially the need to educate both employees and leaders about the importance of flexibility and adaptability in the work environment. He insists that the key to retaining talent is no longer simply offering a competitive salary, but also taking a genuine interest in the employee's well-being and professional development.


In summary, this episode of Hirint gives us a complete overview of how the pandemic has accelerated the evolution of HR. HH., emphasizing the importance of agility, adaptability and a more human approach in talent management.

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