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Chapter 17: Develop Soft Skills with Agustina Paz

The HR industry is undergoing rapid changes and to navigate these changes effectively, episode 17 of “Hirint” features Agustina Paz. Agustina, a professional with a multidisciplinary profile, leads the consulting firm Amparo Mind in Argentina and is co-founder of Retro Reverse, which operates in the United States, Canada and throughout Latin America.


This episode offers an insightful discussion on the importance of soft skills in the world of work. Agustina maintains that the traditional educational system is failing to prepare new generations in essential skills for the 21st century. She explains that, although educational models have remained almost unchanged for two centuries, the work and social reality has changed drastically. The industrial revolution, which shaped education as we know it, is no longer the context in which we live, and we need to reformulate our training systems.


According to Agustina, soft skills such as empathy, autonomy and collaboration are more crucial than ever in an interconnected world in constant technological evolution. These skills are not only vital for teamwork and leadership, but also become a differentiating factor in the face of increasing automation.


In the corporate sphere, Agustina highlights the importance of having accurate information about employees to be able to offer relevant training. She emphasizes that it's not just about what the company needs, but also what the employee needs to feel part of the organization. Talent retention becomes a challenge, especially in sectors like technology, where demand is high and supply limited.


Another topic addressed is the change in the post-pandemic labor paradigm. Agustina affirms that adaptability and flexibility have become key factors. Many employees have proven that they can be efficient working remotely, which poses new challenges and opportunities for companies in terms of staff retention and satisfaction.


In summary, this episode offers a detailed and comprehensive look at how soft skills and changing work dynamics are reshaping the future of work. It's not just about hiring the right people, but preparing them for a world that is constantly changing. Thus, companies and employees can work together to create a more effective, humane and sustainable work environment.

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