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Chapter 11: Importance of remote work with Ana Cepeda

Good afternoon everyone. Today I will present to you Ana Lucía Cepeda's reflections on the importance of remote work today. Ana is co-founder of Beyond Work, a company that offers digital flexibility and talent solutions for other companies and people.


Ana has been working in the field of labor flexibility for more than a decade and, although it was already seen as a strong trend since 2011, no one anticipated that a pandemic would exponentially accelerate this work scheme. What was once an option has become a necessity.


Companies that were previously resistant to remote work were forced to adapt quickly due to the pandemic. Ana emphasizes that labor flexibility is not simply a trend, but a fundamental pillar in the management of human capital today.


So what does a company need to implement this flexibility? First, leadership convinced of this work culture. It is not necessary that all directors or managers want to work from home, but they do need to understand and support the culture of work flexibility. Second, leaders trained in managing flexible teams and self-managing collaborators. And finally, have clear and aligned objectives at the company, department and personal level.


Ana points out that one of the biggest challenges is hiring staff without having met them in person, which could make it difficult to create loyalty, especially with new employees. However, it is possible to generate an effective bond through technology, taking advantage of platforms and dynamics that promote connection between employees.


Regarding the function of human resources, Ana maintains that it has evolved to be a strategic partner within companies. Human capital has become the backbone of organizations and therefore human resources departments play a crucial role in workforce planning and development.


Looking to the future, one of the biggest challenges will be adapting to technology and redefining job roles. Automation and digitalization will make certain jobs disappear, but at the same time, new opportunities will emerge. The challenge for companies will be to anticipate these changes and prepare their employees for the future, investing in their training and development.


In summary, Ana Cepeda highlights the importance of remote work as a vital practice for modern companies. Their experience and insight offer us valuable insight into how organizations can adapt and thrive in this new workplace landscape.

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